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White Gold Diamond Rings – Gifts That Stand Out

Generally speaking, when we buy white gold diamond rings, we aren’t inclined to wonder if there is a story behind it. We usually look at jewelry from an angle of its visual value and cost, and it makes a perfect sense. How much do we hear of white gold rings for women or even more so, a whole jewelry collection that has a compelling story behind it? Rarely close to none. Nevertheless, when it comes to Moriah Jewelry collections, things look different. That is because all of Moriah’s white gold diamond rings have unusual and beautiful stories.  There’s a fascinating history behind each white gold ring design.


White Gold Rings With Diamond – Gifts With Jerusalem Stone At Its Core

摩利亚的耶路撒冷石刻集 是以色列钻石中心(IDC)的领先系列,这是一家拥有50多年经验的家族钻石企业,Moriah's Stone Collection是精美钻石首饰的独立新奇。 设计在IDC - 钻石之家,以传播从地球的神圣核心穿着一件真正的耶路撒冷遗物的深刻意义, 信仰珠宝 - 对于想要让神圣之城接近他们的人。


White Gold Rings For Her – An Original Creation

Moriah Stone Collection冒险起源于着名的Avi Tavisal先生创造的愿景 以色列珠宝制造者,他们的祖先在耶路撒冷居住了七代以上。 塔维萨尔先生设计的珍贵珠宝系列,通过使圣殿山的古董碎石以变化的形状重现生机,重新点燃耶路撒冷的杰出历史,正在捕捉每个人的想象力。


White Gold Ring Design – A Captivating Background

在九十年代后期,阿维得知了未经许可的挖掘,这些挖掘破坏了圣殿山。 安排了一个志愿者筛选中心,以恢复至少一些接近失败的古老发现。 作为保护工作的一个显着贡献者,他意识到了一些事情。 他认为这些古老元素的圣洁有能力将来自全球各地的追随者与“圣城耶路撒冷”的灵性联系起来。 当一切都被认为是迷失的时候,似乎很奇怪,一件新事物突然变成了现实。 当非法挖掘发生时,看起来所有那些神圣而有意义的东西都会像一些无足轻重的废话一样被丢弃和消失。 然而,奇迹般地,这没有发生。 发生了一件完全不同的事情,当时被认为是神奇的。 因此,从Moriah带来的每一个白金戒指设计都是一个奇迹,一种持续生硬和残骸的东西,一种持续生活的圣洁。


White Gold Diamond Rings – Gift That’s Pure & Different

After receiving every required permit for using stones from the Temple Mount excavations, Avi started to put his vision into being and so, the exceptional Moriah Collection was created. In no other place in the world can one find white gold diamond rings as meaningful and special as those designed by the jewelers of Moriah. Relics outlined in yellow, white or rose gold and starred with gems. Every one of white gold diamond rings begs the question of what matters more in this case, the diamonds and the gold or the uncomplicated age-old element? It’s kind of stunning what is unraveling here. By combining ancient stones rescued by the sifting project archeologists next to the Temple Mtn. (aka Mount Moriah), and arranging them in a unique structure within familiar shapes such as a 大卫之星吊坠任何愿意的人都可以成为耶路撒冷贵族古代样本的满意所有者。 你不仅仅购买带有钻石的白金戒指,而是购买有意义且真实的神器。


White Gold Rings With Diamond – Jewelry With A Statement

Every fragment picked up on the Temple Mnt. for the Collection is cataloged and arranged, then designed in order to conserve its natural simplicity. Moriah’s skilled jewelers attentively organize and enclose the gold and gems in the natural stone manually, to construct an astonishing visual content, unlike anything attempted previously in high quality, exclusive diamond jewelry collection. White gold diamond rings start with a genuine artifact from the Temple Mount that is artistically joined up with precious stones and gold becoming an unparalleled item of eternal heritage and spirituality. The Moriah Collection beautiful line of limited-edition 精美的钻石首饰 金,最贵的金属和钻石,这个星球上最坚硬的石头,用古老的耶路撒冷石头来展示圣城几千年来的坚韧,重要和无与伦比的圣洁。 作为宗教珠宝,该系列通过使用代表耶路撒冷持久的坚韧,重要性和圣洁的精美材料来实现这一更高的意图。

white gold ring design – white gold rings for her

White Gold Rings For Women – A Vision From The Past

摩利亚是亚伯拉罕接受一神教信仰的山,播下三大信仰的种子。 如今,Moriah是一个装饰的护身符,一件珠宝,在其优雅和灵性的信息中令人振奋。 仔细看看女性的白金戒指,你会立刻看到耶路撒冷的石头是独一无二的,每一块石头都带有古老的精髓和情感。 这些石头可以在圣殿的建造过程中得到处理,这座古老的圣城法院,与我们的祖先,先知,国王和耶路撒冷的简单民族所踩的完全相同的巨石。


White Gold Rings For Her – A New Gift With An Old Soul

If the ancient stones in those white gold rings for her could speak, they would be talking of Jewish history of the past 3000 years. Those people who put on the jewelry, resound the call of the artifact and are, therefore, ambassadors of Jerusalem’s unique account. Jerusalem is related to the human psyche, to the will of the Lord. By wearing the jewelry of Moriah, you acquire a permanent reminder of what guides us and who we are. The Moriah Collection contains limited-edition jewelry in creative layouts, which are enumerated and recorded in an allocated Certificate of Authenticity, establishing the birth of the stone from Jerusalem: the place of passion, the Great City of Peace. Never before was there a time when past and present united in such an accessible way via jewelry-craftsmanship. Whoever buys white gold rings for her from the 耶路撒冷石首饰 collection will be an honored keeper of a real historical object. A history that keeps on living through enduring beauty and character of the stone. These aren’t simply white gold diamond rings but a bridge in time that connects between all that was, is and will come into being.


产品名称: 符号钻石订婚戒指18K白金

产品描述: 这款象征性的钻石订婚戒指象征着最强大的人类情感。 爱代表“理解知识的心”。 Amore白金戒指来自限量版,代表着一个秘密的精神数字。 每个Amore钻石戒指上都刻有“Love”字样。

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