每年,来自世界各地的数百名钻石交易商每年都会来以色列 以色列钻石周.  This important event brings together the leaders of the diamond world, including presidents of diamond exchanges, and it is a networking platform in which the industry’s trends are discussed and formulated. This year, the Israel Diamond Week was held on February 10-12, 2020 at the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan.

以色列钻石周| NowMi

During each conference, a singular Israeli company is selected to have a booth and represent Israeli innovation and creativity.  This year, the organizers chose Moriah.

我们很荣幸在展会上展示我们的产品系列。 Moriah展位的主题是圣经和历史事件,我们展示了一些最好的艺术品。

以色列钻石周4 | 莫里亚

以色列钻石周2 | 莫里亚
莫里亚石。 Moriah石材是从耶路撒冷圣殿山过筛项目中抢救出来的石材。 每块石头都是手工制作的,并用宝石和黄金装饰。



西墙| 莫里亚收藏
Machpela洞穴| 莫里亚收藏
耶路撒冷Fabergé蛋| 莫里亚收藏
Issac的绑定| 莫里亚收藏
圣殿 莫里亚收藏


At the opening ceremony, the founder of the Moriah collection, Mr.  Avi Tavisal, shared with the participants his deep connection to the diamond industry and to Jerusalem, and how the Moriah collection marvelously binds his two passions.  He said “I am the son of a holocaust survivor.  My father survived the war because of diamonds- they were used to buy shelter and food. It can be said that thanks to the diamonds, me and my family are here today.  My father was a jeweler and taught me the skills of the trade.  My mother was a 6th generation Jerusalemite and she imbued in me my love for Israel and especially for Jerusalem.  For years I dreamed of combining my two loves and thank God I have been successful.  The Moriah collection unites the most ancient and holy stones with eternal diamonds and noble gold.”

The highlight of the ceremony occurred when Mr. Tavisal invited Dr. Itizik Yifat, Zion Karasenti and Haim Oshri to the stage.  Back in 1967 they were paratroopers in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and were among the first soldiers to visit the newly liberated Kotel.  This historical moment was captured on camera by the award-winning photographer 大卫鲁宾格 和他的照片 西墙的伞兵 成为以色列文化的标志。

Avi Tavisal chose to create a piece of art from the photograph and engraved the image of the three soldiers onto Moriah stone. The 24 Karat gold coin above the soldiers has an image of the Western Wall on the one side and a symbol of the IDF on the other.  It is the original coin minted to commemorate Israel’s victory in the liberation of Jerusalem.  During the opening ceremony, Mr. Tavisal presented the sculpture to the former paratroopers.  (Note:  the piece is on display to the public in the Moriah Jerusalem store located in the Jewish quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem).

伞兵| 莫里亚
以色列钻石周| 莫里亚收藏
这三名伞兵向以色列钻石交易所总裁约拉姆·德瓦什(Yoram Dvash)赠送了大卫·鲁宾格(David Rubinger)照片的签名图像。

If you would like to see the collection, it is on permanent display at the Moriah museum gallery located in the Israel Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan, Israel.  You can also view some of our pieces online in our 博物馆 采集。