Generally speaking, when we purchase Judaism jewelry we aren’t inclined to ask if there’s a story to go with it. People are inclined to examine a piece of jewelry from a point of view of its monetary value and use, and it makes a perfect sense. How much do we encounter  Judaism jewelry or more so, a whole jewelry shop with a meaningful…? Nevertheless, things are different with Moriah Jewelry and Judaica for the reason that all of their Judaism jewelry have outstanding and compelling story.  Behind every Judaism necklace and Judaism wedding ring there’s a story.



The Moriah Stone Collection: Diamond On Gold – Judaism Jewelry That Carries Jerusalem Stone At Its Heart

Moriah Stone犹太珠宝系列的存在已超过50奇数年,这是钻石珠宝中无与伦比的新颖性。 由IDC开发的–钻石之家,旨在传播拥有来自全球神圣核心的耶路撒冷石和耶路撒冷石一起拥有珠宝的深远意义,以此来吸引人们的信仰,从而使圣城与他们的心灵亲密无间。

Judaism Jewelry – An Original Creation

莫里亚的犹太珠宝收藏事业是根据以色列知名珠宝工匠阿维·塔维萨尔(Avi Tavisal)先生的远见创建的,他的祖先定居耶路撒冷已有数百年。 塔维萨尔先生创造的令人难以置信的珠宝收藏,通过重塑圣殿山的古老圣瓦砾,以一种新的形式重生,重塑了耶路撒冷的辉煌历史,吸引了所有人的想象力。


Judaism Necklaces – Captivating Background Story

独特的以色列珠宝 – In the late ninetees, Avi learned about the unauthorized excavations that damaged the Temple Mount. A volunteer hub was arranged to rescue at least some of the historical artifacts that were close to wrecked. A vital contributor to the conservation scheme, he had a vision. He figured that the sanctity of these age-old stones is able to join individuals from all over the planet under the idea of “Holy Jerusalem”. It is stunning that at times when everything appears to fail, all of a sudden another thing turns it all around.

当发生未经许可的发掘时,似乎所有神圣而重要的东西都会像一些无用的垃圾一样被抛弃和丢失。 但是,在大喜事中,这没有发生。 一个完全不同的事情发生了,它在发生时看起来确实是一个奇迹。 这就是为什么从Moriah Jewelry和Judaica买来的每条犹太教项链都有些奇迹,可以抵御破坏和无知,这是一件永不过时的圣物。



After obtaining all the mandatory permits to use stones from The Temple Mount, Avi began to put his idea into existence and thus, the phenomenal Moriah Collection came to be. In no other place in the world can one find  Judaism Jewelry as unique and valuable as those designed by Moriah’s jewelers. Relics surrounded with yellow, white or rose gold and starred with diamonds. Each Judaism necklace makes us ask what is most valuable here, the gems and gold or the uncomplicated age-old stone?

这里发生的事情非常惊人。 通过将考古学家打捞的古董石块带到Mtn Moriah(又名Temple Mtn)附近的筛分项目中,并为它们分配独特的形状,任何人都可以拥有圣城奇妙的古代碎片。 原始且可收藏的文物。



古董犹太戒指 – every stone picked up on the Temple Mount to be a part of the Collection is arranged and cut, then made to retain its organic integrity. Moriah’s craftsmen attentively draft and set the gems and gold in the rock element manually, to shape a spellbinding visual assertion, unlike anything ever before in a top end, exclusive collection of diamond jewelry.  Judaism wedding rings begin with an genuine rock fragment from the Temple Mnt. that is elegantly united with diamonds and yellow, white or rose gold forming a noteworthy item of endless legacy and spirituality.

莫里亚的 老式的犹太珠宝 精美的豪华镶钻犹太婚戒系列,与所有金属中最贵重的黄金和钻石(地球上最坚硬的矿物)交织在一起,耶路撒冷石象征着3,000的圣城的力量,重要性和无与伦比的圣洁性年份。 作为宗教珠宝,该收藏通过使用精美的材料来描绘耶路撒冷的永恒力量,价值和精神,从而达到这一目的。

Judaism necklace Symbolizing the love of holy Israel. A combination of diamond and the most important stone in the jewel – Jerusalem stone


莫里亚 亚伯拉罕最初就是在这里欢迎一元论的思想,播下了三种主要信仰的种子。 现在,莫里亚(Moriah)变成了珠宝首饰,是一件珠宝首饰,同时兼具其艺术性和灵性信息。 仔细观察犹太教项链,您会立即注意到这些石头是独特的,每块石头都具有古老的内涵和远景。 这些石头可能曾被用于修建希律王庙,耶路撒冷古老的朝廷,我们的祖先,先知,国王和耶路撒冷朴素的人们所踩过的砾石。

Judaism Necklace  A New Gift With An Old Soul

If only the rocks in those Judaism necklaces could talk, they would be recalling Jewish past of the last 3000 years. Those individuals who put on this jewelry, reverberate  the song of the stone  and are, therefore, ambassadors of Jerusalem’s special history. Jerusalem is attached to the human energy, to the will of G-d. Moriah’s stones, you beget a faithful indication of who we are and what guides us. The Moriah Collection contains limited-edition jewelry and stunning compositions, which are all registered and numbered in an allotted Certificate of Authenticity, proving the birth of the stone from Jerusalem: the place of passion, the Holy City of Peace.

在珠宝工艺的历史上,从来没有一个时刻可以如此平易近人地将过去和现在融为一体。 从耶路撒冷石收藏中获得犹太结婚戒指的人将成为真正遗物的内容所有者。 石材的永恒优雅和精神一直延续着这一历史。 这不仅是犹太教的结婚戒指,而且是所有过去,现在和将来之间的时间桥梁。