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Generally speaking, when purchasing  Jewish jewelry men style we don’t think to ask if there’s a story to go with it. We are inclined to enjoy a piece of christmas jewelry from an aspect of its aesthetics and value, and it’s not without a reason. How frequently do we encounter  犹太珠宝 men or even a whole jewelry collection that has a stupendous…? Nevertheless, things appear different in Moriah Jewelry and Judaica as all of their Jewish jewelry men tell unusual and engaging narrative.  Every jewelry from Jewish jewelry men and Jewish necklace mens have a story.


Moriah Stone系列:犹太项链男装

莫里亚的耶路撒冷宝石收藏是以色列钻石中心(IDC)的主要收藏,以色列钻石中心是一家家族拥有钻石业务,拥有超过50多年的经验,莫里亚宝石收藏展示了一家独特的钻石珠宝和珠宝企业。 犹太袖扣 出生于IDC –钻石屋,其意义是将世界上神圣核心的真实耶路撒冷遗物作为情感的信仰珠宝摆在身旁–使神城在物理上与他们保持亲密关系。

Jewish Jewelry Men – One Of A Kind

The Moriah Jerusalem Jewish men’s jewelry Stone Collection project originated from a vision created by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a noted Israeli jewelry-craftsman, whose ancestors have resided in Jerusalem for hundreds of years. Everyone’s imagination is caught by the gorgeous jewelry collection brought by Mr. Tavisal to rekindle Jerusalem’s remarkable days  by arranging  The Temple Mount’s ancient  holy rubble  surfaced  back to reality  in a renewed  shape.



在九十年代后期,Avi了解到破坏圣殿山的非法挖掘活动。 建立了一个志愿人员场所,以回收至少部分被破坏的珍贵珍宝。 他为救援行动做出了重要贡献,他意识到了一些事情。 他认为,这些古老石头的灵性能够在“圣洁耶路撒冷”的精神保护下,来自全球各地的追随者之间汇聚。

在一切似乎都失败的时候,突然之间又有另一件事改变了一切,这真是奇妙。 当发生非法发掘时,似乎圣洁而有意义的一切都将像一些毫无价值的垃圾一样被丢弃和消失。 然而,奇迹般地,这没有发生。 其他事情做了,那在当时被认为是奇迹。 因此,从Moriah商店带来的每条David Star项链男士或女士都是一个奇迹,这是一个持续的粗暴和拆毁的环节,一点神圣性依然存在。

男士犹太戒指,直接来自耶路撒冷。 任何有意义场合的礼物

Mens Jewish Rings Pure & Different

Equipped with all the necessary permits for using stones from the Temple Mount excavation, Avi set to put his vision into being and so, the rare Moriah Collection was created. Nowhere on the planet can a person find  Star of David necklace mens as meaningful unique as those created by Moriah. Antiquity surrounded with gold and covered with precious stones.

每个大卫之星项链男装都提出一个问题,在这种情况下,最有价值的是黄金,钻石或原始的古代碎片? 这里发生的事情非常惊人。 通过将考古学家准备的古代石头纳入圣殿山附近的筛分项目中。 (又称摩里亚山),并给他们一个珠宝结构,任何希望成为满意主人的人都可以成为耶路撒冷辉煌历史的一部分。 您不仅获得了男士犹太戒指,而且还获得了稀缺且重要的遗物。


Mens Jewish Rings – Jewelry That Matters

Every piece found on the Temple Mnt. to be a part of the Jewish men’s jewelry Collection is sorted and shaped, then worked on in order to preserve its raw purity. Moriah’s craftsmen thoroughly plan and inlay the metal and diamonds in the natural stone by hand, to shape a spellbinding visual statement, unlike anything attempted before in a top quality, exclusive diamond jewelry collection.  mens Jewish rings start with an authentic rock fragment from Moriah Mount that is elegantly married with diamonds and yellow, white or rose gold forming a rare thing of endless spirituality and heritage.

莫里亚(Moriah)系列惊人的豪华精制钻石产品 以色列结婚戒指 男士犹太戒指将黄金(最贵重的金属)和钻石(世界上最坚硬的矿物)交织在一起,耶路撒冷石(Jerusalem Stone)表明圣城超过3,000年的坚韧,含义和基本圣洁。 作为精神珠宝,该收藏通过融合说明耶路撒冷的持久力量,价值和灵性的珍贵材料达到了这一目的。

来自moriah Collection的犹太珠宝男装是男人可以收到的最好礼物



Jewish men’s jewelry – Moriah is the name of the mountain on which Abraham initially accepted the belief in One God, sowed the seed of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. And today, Moriah is a decorated amulet, a thing of jewelry, inspiring with its glamor and messages of spirituality. Look closely at the Jewish men’s jewelry, you’ll notice that the stone fragments are so very special, as each one of them carries a religious content and aspect. These fragments might’ve been utilized in the building of the Solomon’s Temple, the 3000 old streets of the Holy City, the exactly same boulders that our kings, ancestors, prophets and simple folk of Jerusalem had paced upon.


Jewish men’s jewelry – If the stone in those Jewish Jewelry Men could speak, they would be speaking of Jewish past of the last 3000 years. That who put on that  jewelry, echoes the song  of the artifact and is, therefore, an ambassador of Jerusalem’s incredible history. Jerusalem is attached to our soul, to the rule of the Lord. Moriah’s stones, you allow for a consistent indication of what we believe in and who we are. The Moriah Collection is made of limited edition jewelry in stunning layouts, which are all recorded and numbered in the Certificate of Authenticity, proving that the stone derives from Jerusalem: the place of passion, the Great City of Peace.

由于珠宝的制作,过去和现在之间从来没有这样的时刻可以如此实现。 从这个系列中获得犹太珠宝商的人将成为真正的虚拟对象的内容维护者。 一段史诗般的历史,延续着石头的持久美丽和精神。 这不仅是犹太珠宝商,而且是连接过去,现在和将来一切之间的时间桥梁。

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