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Most Unique & Special Diamond Star Of David Necklaces

Regularly, when getting a Jewish star of David necklace, we aren’t inclined to wonder whether there is a story to it. People usually judge jewelry by its looks and a price. It isn’t frequently that we see gold Star of David diamond pendants or more so, a whole jewelry store with a miraculous story behind them.

然而, Moriah Jewelry和Judaica has it. All of their Jewish Star of David diamond and gold pendants are the proud owners of an extraordinary and engaging tale.  There’s a story behind each diamond Star of David necklace and every Magen David pendant.


The Moriah Stone Collection: Gold And Diamonds – Jewish Star Of David Necklace With Authentic Jerusalem Stone At Its Heart

The Moriah Collection is the bellwether set of the IDC – Israel Diamond Center, a family-owned business of diamonds that’s been in existence for over fifty years. Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection was born in IDC – House of Diamonds – to spread the significance of having a jewel with a real Jerusalem relic from the holy core of the globe as inspirational religious jewelry. The kind of jewelry that makes a perfect Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah礼物.

Magen David钻石吊坠黄金

Magen David Diamond Pendant Yellow Gold – Originality Unleashed

Moriah的Stone Collection项目诞生于以色列领先的珠宝工匠Avi Tavisal先生的愿景,他的家人在耶路撒冷居住超过7代。 令人难以置信的收藏品 耶路撒冷珠宝 由塔维萨尔先生设想,通过交付圣殿山古老的圣石,重新点燃耶路撒冷的辉煌岁月,以新形状打捞回来。


Gold Star of David Diamond Pendants – Peculiar Background

In 1999, Avi learned about the illegal excavations that were damaging the Temple Mount. An action was organized to salvage some of the wonderful treasures that were almost eradicated. A notable contributor to the salvation effort, Avi became aware of something. He figured that the spirituality of these age-old elements can connect followers from all around the globe under one spiritual idea of ‘Holy Jerusalem.’ It seems miraculous that sometimes when everything deems to fail, suddenly yet another thing turns it all around for the better. When the wrongful excavations occurred, it appeared as though everything holy and significant would be scrapped and obliterated like meaningless trash. How lucky, however, that it had happened otherwise.


从Moriah Jewelry和Judaica购买的每颗钻石Star of David项链都是一块奇迹,经受住了无视和毁灭,一种神圣的生命。


Equipped with all the required permits to use stones from the excavation in Jerusalem, Avi started to put his idea into reality, and thus, the phenomenal Moriah Collection came to be. Nowhere in the world can one find  Jewish Star of David diamond and gold pendants as essential and unique as those made by Moriah’s jewelers. Relics wrapped up in yellow, white, or rose gold and covered with precious stones. Each Jewish Star of David necklace raises the question of what is more valuable here, the gold and gems or the plain-looking old element?

Jerusalem stone & A Diamond Star of David Necklace

令人惊讶的是这里发生了什么。 通过将考古学家准备的古代碎片结合在Mtn寺附近的筛选项目中。 (又名摩利亚山),并将它们铺设在可穿戴的结构中,如Magen David或 Hamsa珠宝任何想要的人都可以拥有耶路撒冷古代的一部分。


Every fragment collected on Mnt. Moriah to be included in the Collection is made to keep its raw purity. Moriah’s craftsmen meticulously draft and place the metal and gems in the stone by hand to construct a spellbinding visual assertion, never previously undertaken in a high end, limited edition diamond jewelry collection. Gold Star of David diamond pendants begin their way with an authentic rock fragment from the Temple Mnt that is skillfully conjoined with precious stones and yellow, white or rose gold becoming a one-off detail of endless heritage and spirituality.


Moriah Collection惊艳的独特美丽钻石犹太星之星项链将金,最高贵的金属和钻石,世界上最坚硬的石头与古老的耶路撒冷石头融合在一起,表明圣城的活力和超过3,000的主要神圣性年份。 作为宗教珠宝,该系列通过交织代表耶路撒冷坚持不懈的力量,价值和圣洁的特殊元素来实现这一更高的意图。


摩利亚是这座山的名字,亚伯拉罕对这一山的名字表示欢迎,认为是一个Gd,播下了三个伟大信仰的种子。 如今,Moriah是一种装饰性的魅力,是一种令人振奋的珠宝作品,具有魅力和精神主题。 仔细观察Magen David钻石吊坠黄金时,您会立刻看到这些天然宝石非常特别,每个人都拥有历史的本质和视角。 这些石头可能是在希律神庙的建筑中处理的,希律神庙是耶路撒冷古老的通道,与我们的国王,先知,祖先和耶路撒冷普通人走过的鹅卵石相同。



If only the stones in those gold Star of David diamond pendants could speak, they would be echoing Jewish story of the last 3000 years. People who wear this jewelry, reverberate the call of the relic and are, in fact, ambassadors of Jerusalem’s spellbinding history. Jerusalem is attached to the human spirit and the will of the Lord. Moriah’s stone jewelry indicates what guides us and who we are. The Moriah Collection includes limited edition jewelry in 令人惊叹的设计这些都是在真品证书中指明和记录的,用于验证从和平圣城耶路撒冷出来的石头。 在已知的珠宝工艺历史中,从来没有一个过去和现在以这种可行的方式联合起来的时刻。


任何从耶路撒冷石材系列中获得钻石之星项链项链的人都将成为真正的虚拟文章的荣誉拥有者。 对过去的描述,通过持久的优雅和石头的精神继续。 这些不仅仅是犹太人的大卫之星钻石和黄金吊坠,而是时间的桥梁,连接过去,现在和未来。


产品名称: 14k金色大卫之星项链

产品描述: 14k金色大卫之星项链与耶路撒冷石头代表钟形圆顶。 地球上最神圣的石头里面的珍贵钻石是上帝的舌头,字和声音。 当它撞到耶路撒冷石头的内侧时,它象征着一个信息:“是时候做出改变了”。 链条样式根据我们的库存提供。 链规格:14k黄金,长度50 cm,平均重量1.8 gr。

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