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The Most Special & Unique Bat Mitzvah Necklace There Is

Usually, when purchasing a Bat Mitzvah necklace, we aren’t inclined to wonder if there is or isn’t a story attached to it. People approach items of jewelry from an angle of its monetary and visual value, and it makes a perfect sense. How frequently do we encounter a Bat Mitzvah gift necklace or even more so, an entire jewelry store that has a fascinating story to tell? However, it is different with Moriah since all their Bat Mitzvah charm necklaces have an extraordinary and compelling background.  There’s a history to every Star of David or 犹太Hamsa项链 适用于Bat Mitzvah或任何其他Bat Mitzvah礼品项链。

Bat Mitzvah项链特别
Bat Mitzvah项链特别

The Moriah Collection: Gold And Diamonds – Bat Mitzvah Charm Necklace With Jerusalem Stone At Its Core

莫里亚的 耶路撒冷珠宝 Stone Collection is the central assembly of the Israel Diamond Center (IDC), a family-owned diamond business with more than 50 years experience. The Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection stands for a one-of-a-kind enterprise in diamond jewelry. Conceived in House Of Diamonds to distribute the significance of an item with authentic Jerusalem Stone, it is intriguing jewelry of faith that’s physically keeping the Sacred City closer.

Bat Mitzvah魅力项链
Bat Mitzvah魅力项链

Bat Mitzvah项链的独特性诞生了

Moriah Collection’s enterprise derives from Mr. Avi Tavisal’s vision. A well-known Israeli jeweler, Jerusalemite for over 7 generations, he revived Jerusalem’s distinguished past by placing The Temple Mount’s antique and holy rubble into the present, forwarded from the past into its future, the now. Antique stone in a new shape is capturing everybody’s imagination, and it delivers a personal note to everyone carrying it.

Star Of David Necklace For Bat Mitzvah – Curious Background Story

在1999中,Avi听说非法挖掘工程对圣殿山造成严重破坏。 建立了一个志愿者中心,以拯救至少一些几乎被熄灭的古老宝藏。 作为救援行动的一名值得注意的助手,他意识到:这些古老元素的神圣性可以加入来自世界各地的人们与“圣城耶路撒冷”的想法。他惊讶地发现,通常情况下,一切都是令人惊讶的。我们认为失败了,突然之间,一件新事物将它变得更好。

Bat Mitzvah的大卫之星项链
Bat Mitzvah的大卫之星项链

当灾难性的挖掘发生时,它感觉好像一切神圣而有意义的东西都会消失,就像浪费一样。 尽管如此,幸运的是,事情没有发生。 还有别的东西,在它发生的时候是神奇的。 因此,每个 大卫之星项链 从Moriah商店购买的Bat Mitzvah有点奇迹, 一段持续的 通过破坏和直率,一种继续生活的神圣性。

Bat Mitzvah – Pure And Different Charm Necklace

Avi配备了使用耶路撒冷挖掘石块的一切必要许可证,开始实现他的愿景,因此,非凡 Moriah系列 came to life. Nowhere in the world can a person find  Bat Mitzvah necklace as unique and meaningful as that made by the jewelers of Moriah. Artifacts wrapped up in gold and starred with gems. Each Bat Mitzvah charm necklace raises a question: what matters more? Gems and gold or a broken ancient fragment?

而我们所看到的是非常令人惊讶的。 你不仅要购买由Temple Mtn的筛选志愿者打捞的古老的绑定石头,而且还要购买耶路撒冷古老的样本。 Bat Mitzvah项链,是一种罕见的神器。

Bat Mitzvah魅力项链纯粹而与众不同
Bat Mitzvah魅力项链纯粹而与众不同

大卫之星项链为重要的Bat Mitzvah

Every piece picked up on the Temple Mount for the Collection is categorized and shaped, then designed to maintain its raw simplicity. Moriah’s knowledgeable artisans thoroughly plan and place the gold and diamonds in the rocks by hand, to create an astonishing visual statement, never previously attempted in top quality, limited edition diamond jewelry collections. Star Of David necklaces that star an authentic artifact from the Temple Mnt., neatly coupled with 钻石和黄金,形成永恒的灵性和传统的独特特征。

Moriah Collection’s gorgeous line of limited-edition, elegant, diamond Star of David Bat Mitzvah necklaces, interlaces gold – the noblest metal, and diamonds – the hardest gems on the planet, with Jerusalem Stone to indicate the Holy City’s vitality, value and saintliness for over 3,000 years. As inspirational jewelry, the Collection reaches this higher goal by working with exquisite ingredients illustrating Jerusalem’s everlasting durability, worth, and sanctity.

白金大卫之星项链为bat mitzvah
白金大卫之星项链为Bat Mitzvah

Bat Mitzvah Gift Necklace – A Vision From The Past

摩利亚是亚伯拉罕接受一神论信仰的山,播下了犹太教,基督教和伊斯兰教的种子。 好好看看Bat Mitzvah项链。 你会立刻注意到这些天然宝石非常引人注目,每一块都带有古老的信息。 这些石头在寺庙和耶路撒冷数千年的通道中。

Bat Mitzvah Necklace – Gift With Soul

如果那些Bat Mitzvah魅力项链上的古代石头可以说话,他们会回想起过去3000年代的犹太记录。 耶路撒冷与人类的能量,与主的道路有关。 Moriah系列是限量版珠宝,装饰精美,全部按照指定的真品证书进行分类和编目,证明石头来自耶路撒冷:充满激情的城市,圣城和平。 在已知的珠宝工艺历史中,从来没有过去和现在以如此方便的方式相遇。

深情的Bat Mitzvah项链礼物
深情的Bat Mitzvah项链礼物

从Moriah系列中获得Bat Mitzvah项链礼物的她将成为真正历史文章的骄傲守护者。 史诗般的历史,以无限的优雅和本质为生。 它不仅仅是一件Bat Mitzvah项链礼物,而且还是一台时间机器,能够将我们所有人都与居住的东西联系起来,而且永远都是。

Bat Mitzvah项链
深情的Bat Mitzvah项链礼物

产品名称: 14K黄金钻石吊坠

产品描述: 14K黄金钻石吊坠的灵感来自亚伯拉罕为Gd建造祭坛的地方,Gd告诉雅各布世界各国将通过他的家人得到祝福,L-rd承诺给予圣地以色列是亚伯拉罕,雅各和他们后代的遗产。

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货币: 美金

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