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7 Reasons To Have Moriah Jewelry At The Top Of  Your ‘Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas’ List

Many would probably agree that as Bat Mitzvah gift ideas go, we wouldn’t mind us a gift with an extraordinary story behind, especially if it’s 引人注目的以色列黄金首饰. Usually, we enjoy gifts of jewelry from an angle of their aesthetics and use, maybe monetary value too, but that’s about it. Because let’s face it, how often do we come up with good Bat Mitzvah gift ideas that include jewelry with an outstanding tale behind it…? And even when we do, then how often do we get it?

Moriah Jewelry and Judaica is different from anything ever seen before. Bat Mitzvah gift ideas for best friends who love history or Judaism or Jerusalem, or all of them, will be fulfilled and a cherry on top. This designer jewelry store’s good gift ideas for Bat Mitzvah girl include a story.

Bat Mitzvah为最好的朋友赠送礼物
Bat Mitzvah为最好的朋友赠送礼物


Moriah Jerusalem Stone是以色列钻石中心(IDC)的中心收藏品,这是一家拥有半个世纪历史的家族钻石企业。 Moriah Stone系列 体现了高级珠宝的独特创新:在IDC - 钻石之家的构思中,它为我们提供了一个深刻的体验,即用真正的耶路撒冷石头,从世界的神圣核心,作为有趣的信仰珠宝 - 物理保持神圣之城离我们更近。

Bat Mitzvah Girl的原始礼物想法

The Collection’s adventure began when Mr. Avi Tavisal, a famous Israeli jewelry-maker, whose ancestors have lived in Jerusalem for hundreds of years, had a vision. In the late nineties, Avi learned about the unauthorized digs that damaged the Temple Mount. A sifting place was created to save at least some of the precious treasures which were almost all gone. Avi perceived the spirituality of these archaic pieces and felt impelled to allow others to experience what he had experienced when holding the antique pieces; to touch the holiness of Jerusalem.


Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas For Best Friends – Curious Background


Bat Mitzvah为喜欢耶路撒冷石头Magen David的最好的朋友赠送礼物
Bat Mitzvah gift ideas for best friends who’d like Jerusalem stone Magen David

所以,如果你的头很重,不要为最好的朋友称量Bat Mitzvah礼物的想法,那就试试看吧 大卫之星吊坠。 Moriah Jewelry和Judaica将为您带来一个小小的奇迹,一个持续破坏和无知的部分,一种保持生命的神圣性。

在获得使用圣殿山挖掘石头的所有强制许可后,Avi继续实现他的视野,因此,非凡的Moriah系列诞生了。 在世界上任何地方都找不到像玛丽亚珠宝商设计的那样迷人的Bat Mitzvah礼物创意:用宝石镶嵌的18K黄金包裹的文物。


有一个 珠宝店在耶路撒冷旧城,它的名字是Moriah,它有很多非常好的Bat Mitzvah礼物创意!

What’s happening here is quite astonishing. By incorporating antique elements cleaned by the volunteers in the sifting project next to the Temple Mount (aka Mtn. Moriah), and arranging them in a wearable shape anyone who wishes can be a satisfied owner a section of Holy City’s noble past. These aren’t just good Bat Mitzvah gift ideas because they’re so beautiful but because it’s a meaningful and original relic.

Necklaces With Legacy – Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas For Friends

Every element gathered on Mount Moriah to be included the Collection is sorted and cut, then worked on in order to conserve its native integrity. Moriah’s knowledgeable jewelry artisans attentively plan and enclose the gold and gems in the stone by hand, to create incredible visuals, never previously undertaken in an exquisite collection of diamond jewelry. Moriah’s Bat Mitzvah gift ideas for friends come to fore with a genuine stone from Moriah Mount that is skillfully outlined with diamond and gold, presenting a unique feature of 宗教黄金首饰.

Moriah Collection精美的豪华版精美钻石首饰为朋友,亲戚和我们自己提供了令人惊叹的Bat Mitzvah礼品创意。 它融合了所有金属中最高贵的金子和钻石,这是地球上最坚硬的宝石,耶路撒冷石头象征着圣城的力量。 作为鼓舞人心的珠宝,该系列不仅仅达到了这个目标; 通过融入这些精美的元素,它努力体现耶路撒冷持久的坚韧,价值和圣洁。

钻石和黄金Bat Mitzvah礼物建议
钻石和黄金Bat Mitzvah礼物建议

好的Bat Mitzvah礼品创意带您踏上3000年度之旅

Moriah is the mountain where Abraham’s son, Isaac, nearly went belly up, but luckily they didn’t, and instead, it all ended well with Abraham discovering One G-d, getting to keep his son, and even bringing about the creation of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. All throughout history Moriah Mount has remained significant in Jerusalem’s and Jewish chronicles. Nowadays, Moriah is a bejeweled talisman, an article of jewelry, inspiring with its artistry and spiritual themes.

Going back to your Bat Mitzvah gift ideas for friends, if you’re thinking of buying a quaint Hamsa手工吊坠请记住,这些岩石元素是独一无二的,每块石头都有深刻的宗教内涵和方面。 这些元素可能是为了建造圣城,圣城的古老街道。

为Bat Mitzvah Girl添加灵魂给你的礼物想法

如果你在名单上的那个Bat Mitzvah女孩的礼物想法可以说话,那么就叫那个 Bat Mitzvah项链 would be singing Jewish prayers for the last 3000 years. She who puts on this jewelry reverberates the song of the relic and is an ambassador of Jerusalem’s incredible chronicle. Jerusalem is linked to our soul, to the will of G-d. Moriah stones bring us a permanent reminder of who we are.

精美的Bat Mitzvah礼品白金和钻石耶路撒冷石头大卫之星
精美的Bat Mitzvah礼品白金和钻石耶路撒冷石头大卫之星


Never before in the known history of jewelry-craft was there a moment when past and present joined in such an attainable way. The choice of gift ideas for Bat Mitzvah girl from The Collection gives one a chance to be an honored owner of a relic of the past that continues to live via endless elegance and vigor of the stone-jewelry. These gift ideas for Bat Mitzvah girl aren’t merely 手工饰品 项目; 他们及时建立了桥梁,在现有,将来和将要形成的一切之间加入。

Bat Mitzvah礼品创意
Bat Mitzvah为喜欢耶路撒冷石头Magen David的最好的朋友赠送礼物

产品名称: 大卫之星钻石项链黄金钻石吊坠

产品描述: 大卫之星钻石项链的创建是为了将每一个人与“耶路撒冷精神”的传统价值联系起来。 Magen David的意思是“上帝的狮子”(Isaiah 29:1),它是耶路撒冷的另一个名字。 Magen David高级珠宝吊坠作为独家系列发行,背面有极其强大的数字。 链条样式根据我们的库存提供。 链规格:14k白金,长度50 cm,平均重量1.8 gr。

价格 $ 351 - $ 736

货币: 美金

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